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Setting Up School At Home

Our homes are a place for relaxation and family. But across the world people are being asked to turn it into a school zone too. Let’s take the time to think about how we will do this in order to set up your child for success in the immediate future and into future years.

Designate A School Zone

Help your child pre-imagine where they will do school each day by having a set space they do school daily. It will make your transition from home mode to school mode easier because they know where to go and what will happen when they are there. It may even be helpful for your child to draw out a map that includes their space. Each morning you can talk about what the day will look like using their map and help them envision working through all the events. When kids return back to school this can remain their homework zone!

Example of Hand Drawn Map with School Zone

Take A Picture of Their Workspace For Each Subject

Have your child put out what materials are needed for each subject. Then take a picture of it. You can file it in an album on your phone or iPad or print it out.

How this helps:

  • Shows the child how to get each subject started and make the transition from one to another
  • As you talk about what you are going to do that day you can point to the materials so they can see AND hear the plan
  • Tip: have your child point to the materials and repeat back what they will be doing (in order!). Once they’ve done that you or they can write it down if needed.
Example of Reading “Desk”

Keep Everything Together

Are you keeping everything in a book bag when not working at the kitchen table/in the living room/etc.? Make sure part of your end routine is to clean up the space. My favorite way to do this is to take a picture (from above) of what belongs in the book bag each day. Your child can keep this printed out (attached to bag?!) or in their materials album. When they don’t clean up their space you can show the picture and remind them they aren’t done with school until the book bag is packed. This helps teach them organization skills but also reduces the time it takes to transition into school mode each day.

What Goes in the Bag?: Notebook, Agenda, Books, & Pencil/Pens/Crayons/etc

I’m thinking of you all as you start this new home school/distance learning adventure! Let me know if you try this and find it helps!


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