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Setting Up School At Home

Our homes are a place for relaxation and family. But across the world people are being asked to turn it into a school zone too. Let’s take the time to think about how we will do this in order to set up your child for success in the immediate future and into future years. Designate… Continue reading Setting Up School At Home

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Hosting a Language Focused Play Date

As mothers at home with our kids (full time, part time, or “just” on nights and weekends) we crave social interactions with others in similar stages of life. And our kids are (almost) always happier when they are around other children. But hosting a play date can feel overwhelming and bring out all kinds of… Continue reading Hosting a Language Focused Play Date

Childhood Development

A Social Newborn?!

You get home from the hospital with your new bundle of joy and are so excited (anxious/happy/terrified?!) do a lot of feeding, diaper changes, and watching them sleep. It's a whirlwind of emotions. If you're like me, you TRIED to create structure in your day by reading, doing tummy time, and singing/walking/etc. between all of… Continue reading A Social Newborn?!