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About Caitlin

HI! I’m Caitlin.

A wife, mother, Speech Language Pathologist, and play date enthusiast.

Like all other parents I waited anxiously for that first smile, first laugh, and first word. During those months, I eagerly sought out other moms to do this journey with. The moms I journey with often have different viewpoints on how raising a child should look (because being the same is boring right?!) but want the same thing for our children- happiness and growth. Moms need to have a safe space to ask any and all questions from what’s your favorite portable high chair to what’s this rash? to should I be worried my child’s not ____?.

It was in this space that I realized my expert training in speech language pathology gave me a different viewpoint and approach to play and language. I have spent the past 10 years working to improve communication and play skills for children at home and in the the classroom. And I can’t help but think- why not help parents learn the strategies they can use from infancy BEFORE they have to spend hundreds of dollars on therapy?

So here I am- hoping to be a support to other mammas out there just trying to make it. I want to show you little changes in everyday routines that will help you raise a talking, social child.

About Language and Play Dates


  1. Educate parents on the wide range of “normal” in language and social skills
  2. Give tips on how to do intentional play with their children
  3. Help YOU get your child talking and playing in social activities!
  4. Teach children the skills necessary to build friendships and be participating members of a group

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Language Focused Play Dates

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