Free Resources

Speech & Language Milestones & Resources

Curious what your child should be doing during their first year of life? I’ve got a milestone chart for you. Click the link below to download for free!

Use this milestone chart to keep up with the milestones expected as your child goes through their second year of life. Click the link below to download for free!

Play Milestones & Resources

Use this quick reference sheet to help you choose the best toys/activities for your child in each play stage.

Use this tool to help you identify stages of play your child is going through when around their peers.

Toddler/Preschool Activities

Social Story, 4 Activities, 4 Crafts, & Simple Vocabulary Worksheets

Want ALL of the Early Intervention Language with Everyday Objects Bundle with activities, worksheets, social stories and visual routines, and parent letters and handouts for 12 different focus areas? Find the full packet HERE.

Nugget & Speech/Language Development

Want the full Nugget companion with activities broken down by skills (pre-verbal, attention & listening, play, receptive language, expressive language, and articulation) and the Visual Sequencing Task Cards, Nugget Challenges, and Plan & Review worksheets to promote positive executive function development? Find the full packet HERE.