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Gifts for a 1-Year-Old from a Speech Language Pathologist Mom

B is turning 2 in a month and I’m over here reliving some of the sweetest memories and most amazing growth over the past year. At 1 she was just using her first words and now I have a child who speaks in 5+ word sentences with a vocabulary I’m continually amazed by. I thought I’d share some of our most loved items between the ages of 12-24 months. I hope this give you some inspiration for you or for your relative/friend looking for a gift!

Baby Doll– B adores all of her dolls and stuffed animals. They have to go everywhere with her. I love this particular doll because it can go in the bath and pool with the child. And dolls create endless opportunities for pretend play! Pair it with a baby doll stroller and you’ll have the happiest kid around (I don’t have one I love- but do recommend plastic over wooden for a new/learning to walker).

Tea Set– Children love to pour and dump water and other items. This gives the child an opportunity to do that but also will be a functional tea set for indoors or outdoors as their play becomes more mature over the next couple of years. Tea sets promote turn taking, pretend play, and having conversations with other people.

Dog Pull Toy– Pull toys are so motivating for little ones learning to walk and they will use them the whole year! I love the dog version because it is a possible real pet that you do take on walks. You can target vocabulary for pet care while letting the child practice their new walking skills. We love the Lovevery version of this dog pull toy too (and it’s not overpriced)!

Musical Instruments– Children LOVE music and there are so many opportunities for natural language while using them. Talk about the different instruments, sounds the make, actions used, etc. while learning allll the nursery rhymes. Want to make it even more special? Consider adding on the experience gift of a toddler music class!

Pom Poms– I know this sounds crazy but it is seriously the most used item in our home. We use them for crafts, sorting, making sensory bins, in toilet paper tunnels, etc. It is a simple gift that children LOVE to play with.

Kitchen Helper– My NUMBER ONE GIFT. We use this every single day. This tool allows your child to get involved in the kitchen and be a part of the action. I especially love this one because it has a white board and chalk board to entertain when they are bored of helping cook. And it folds up to store away, which is perfect for a smaller kitchen. Want to personalize a little more? The Montessori In Real Life created a fantastic recipe guide HERE you could pair with the Kitchen Helper.

Building Nesting Sorting Blocks with Vehicles– These vehicles are perfect for little hands. They will spend ours rolling them into and out of the buildings. The nesting blocks are made of cardboard and more difficult for 1-year olds BUT it encourages children to ask for help and to invite you to play with them. It is also a great introduction to community helpers, their vehicles, and where they work. Want to add to this gift? Add a Road Rug like this one from IKEA.

4-in-1 Stroll N’ Trike– Our favorite outdoor product. B has probably spent 100 hours in it in the past year. This stroller grows with the child as they grow and gain more motor skills. In the past year we have taken off the tray but she still has tons of growth opportunity as she learns to pedal independently in the next year or so. The umbrella is also a great perk.

LOVEVERY Play Kit(s)– These play kits have been my favorite product since we started them when B was 6 months old. They are incredibly well made, come with a play guide that tells you what the child should be developmentally doing and how the parent can encourage those skills, and are designed to meet the toddler at their developmental level based on age. It has reduced my toy collection significantly and the fact that all her toys are aesthetically pleasing doesn’t make me upset either! The Babbler box (for months 13-15) or the entire Toddler Play Kit series would make a parent extremely happy.

Browse some more of my favorite birthday gift ideas for 1 year olds below:

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase a product through one of these links, you won’t pay anything extra, but I will get a small commission, which helps keep this blog going. Thanks for supporting Language & Play Dates!


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